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Lillian Yin

Maple Ridge.Not long ago, I returned to beautiful BC from University. I am a registered dietitian by day, and a foodie by night. In the pursuit of my degree, food security has always prodded my curious mind. In our food system today, why and how is it that some of us can afford fancy organic and locally produced foods, whereas others struggle to determine where their next meal will come from.

Currently, I spend most of my time in a diabetes clinic. Every so often, someone walks into the clinic with their own story and set of challenges. For many, it is not a question of “what to eat” but “when will I get to eat again.” What I hope to get out of this challenge? I hope to better understand the mindset of these economic challenges. Not only to build empathy, but also to experiment with different strategies to overcome these barriers to managing health and blood sugars so that I can become a better clinician in serving those who walk into the clinic. And of course, to raise awareness of the challenges our neighbours are facing and making a statement – a call for change.

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