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Jeff Lee

Richmond. As a UBC student with diversified volunteering experience in UBC and Richmond Foodbanks as well as the Vancouver Coastal Hospital Shop-by-Phone program, I have witnessed how poverty and infirmity jeopardize people in the lowest stratum of our society. On Thanksgiving Day this year, before the Welfare Food Challenge program starts, I thanked my parents for having provided me so long with lots of love and material provisions. I told them that I am going to step out of my comfort zone from October 16, 2016 for a week to experience first-hand the plight of the underprivileged and share their feelings in concrete terms.

What I want to confirm through my participation in the program is how vulnerable British Columbians are being plagued by low current welfare rates. I believe by working together we can send this message loud and strong to the government: we do care about the well-being of marginalized people in our society; we want them to live a livable life with dignity with really reasonable welfare rates.

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