Cynnimon Rain, Day 1

My grocery list for the week included the following. I thought I would have money to buy some vegetables however my total was already at $16.10 and want to keep the $1.90 to buy some fresh leafy green vegetables but could not find any for $1.90 today ☹

  • 500 grams Oatmeal
  • 2 lbs Jasmine Rice
  • 400 grams Red Split Lentils
  • 400 grams Barley
  • 640 grams Soft Flour Whole Wheat Tortillas (10)
  • 5 bananas/2 oranges
  • 2 fig bars

Breakfast each day – cup cooked oatmeal plus banana late in morning until gone
Late lunch each day – Lentil/rice/ Wrap for lunch throughout the week
Dinner 3 days only (Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday)– Barley/rice/Wrap

Our Strategic Plan- we spaced meals at important times of day – and had more than 2 meals the days that on the most course intensive mid-week days.

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