Photo of the Track Family

Track Family

Laura, Seth, Solomon (13) and Sophie (11) – East Vancouver. We’re nervously anticipating a week eating on a $72 budget. We all have active and busy lives – lots of commuting by bike, hockey practices, dance classes and soccer games. We’re interested to see how our energy levels – and moods! – fluctuate over the course of the week without our usual varied, nutritious and plentiful diet to sustain us.

Preparing for the welfare food challenge has been an interesting exercise – the night before the challenge began, we went out for dinner at our favourite noodle house and spent as much on that one meal as we will on food for the entire next week. We talked about how unrealistic going out for dinner is for families on welfare and how, while this week might be tough, it’ll be nothing compared to what thousands of families in BC deal with all the time.

I’m a lawyer with the BCCLA and last year did a research project considering the right to food and whether the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms might be a tool to help protect food security for hungry families in BC. Here is the report:

HUNGRY FOR JUSTICE: Advancing a Right to Food for Children in BC by Laura Track

I’ll be talking about it more on the BCCLA Facebook page and website this week.

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