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Dinah Johnston

Vancouver. I have been on a constant journey learning the best way to achieve optimal health. Health for me includes all aspects of being human including the mind, body and spirit. I am a recent graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and studied Kinesiology at the University of Ottawa. I am hoping to start my own practice as a Holistic Nutritionist in the near future and love to write, play outside and share food with friends and family. I have recently started working as a cook and hoping to improve my culinary skills this year!

I am doing this challenge for a couple of reasons. I believe that the foundation for optimal wellness starts with nutrition. If a human’s basic nutritional needs are not being met, it is impossible to contribute and live as fully as possible. As I begin my career as a nutritionist, I imagine that I will have client’s that will have a small budget for food and I’d like some experience on how to maximize this as much as possible and the struggles they may have on a daily basis to meet their basic nutritional needs. Additionally, I have always had a full fridge and a full belly. I’ve never experienced what it feels like not to have enough food or support on a daily basis. I hope to gain more insight and compassion towards people that are constantly in survival mode, trying to survive on as little as $18/week for food. I hope to be a voice to the government for marginalized and vulnerable populations in Canada that I care and that every person deserves to have food on the table every day.

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