Photo of Carlos Luis Bermudez Sevilla

Carlos Luis Bermudez Sevilla

Vancouver. I am Carlos, a Venezuelan man who came to Toronto to learn English. After that I applied for a college to study Hospitality Management in Vancouver which is my new home. I work as a server at Pepitas Restaurant, recently graduated and hoping to set up my own Food Truck in the near future.

I am doing the challenge because I know how difficult it is to get some food and to pay rent with just a little bit of money in your pocket. I am Venezuelan, unfortunately my country is experiencing a terrible situation where the poverty levels are skyrocketing and to get food from the supermarket is a luxury. I find that this is one of the ways to support people who get welfare, to try to show to the government how challenging it is to get food with just $18 a week.

Facebook: Carlos Luis Bermudez Sevilla

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