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Trina Moulin

Coquitlam. I am a high school teacher who lives in Coquitlam and teaches in Burnaby. I became aware of this challenge through the BC Teachers’ Federation’s Social Justice newsletter, which mentioned that our president, Glen Hansman, would be doing the challenge. I thought about the possibility, but a reason occurred to me why I wouldn’t be able to commit: I’m a student. I am currently enrolled in a continuing studies program.

How could I possibly work as a teacher during the day and still have enough energy to go to class and study during my off hours if I wasn’t eating ‘enough’. I soon realized, as a teacher in a school with breakfast and lunch programs to help nourish hungry students living in poverty, that this reason is why I needed to join this challenge. I hope to raise awareness amongst my friends, family and colleagues about why we need to raise the rates in BC and why our government needs to develop a poverty reduction plan.

Twitter: @TMWindmill

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