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Susan Ladner

Vernon. I am a single mother of one….and a garden faerie.

I am taking the challenge because I think its shocking at how little some people have to live on. It doesn’t seem real. And in the coming week, I think reality is going to hit pretty hard. So hard that I’m almost getting fearful. I’m already stressing about how I can afford organic coffee. I think I have a headache already….

I am a vegan who believes in organic food. I put away as much as I can while food is in season just so I can feed my daughter and I with quality clean food. As produce has become almost out of reach in the last few years.

I’m really not expecting to survive this…but will do my best.

I also want to run in the next provincial election for the Vernon-Monashee area because I have experienced a lack of compassion from the government. This will be a great way to experience how our social system is working.

Let’s see the BC Liberals step up to the plate they have set in place!!

I’ll be posting at:
Instagram: ladnersusan

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