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Robyn Turner

Vanderhoof – I am a Registered Dietitian working with Northern Health in Vanderhoof, BC (the geographical centre of BC). It is a small town of about 4,000 people (per Google), but is lively with its friendliness. I moved here in February from Victoria, BC, which is my hometown.

As a health professional, I work with individuals of various backgrounds and economic status. It is important to me to be able to relate to the individuals I see so I can be sure I am providing the best care. By participating in this challenge, I hope to learn the daily struggles individuals face. The amount of money provided to someone on welfare is the same, regardless of where you live. Food in the smaller, northern communities can be more expensive. It is going to take careful planning and strategic spending to spread the $18 budget the farthest. I expect I will be spending a long time in the grocery store, and searching out every possible deal I can find. One hard piece will be giving up coffee for a week, or making it fit into an $18 budget. I do not expect this to be an easy challenge, but I am up for it. So, here it goes.

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