Photo of the Whittam family

Whittam Family

The Whittam Family – Kathy, Mark and Sasha. Mt Pleasant neighbourhood, Vancouver. We have signed up for the 5th Annual Welfare Food Challenge to support the work of Raise the Rates, and help highlight the inadequacy of welfare rates in BC.

As a family that has often lived paycheck to paycheck, we have always made food the item we splurge on when we can’t afford much else. We love our ability to support small local businesses and farms, organic and fair trade as much as possible, and we know this is a luxury many can’t always support.

This challenge is helping us reinforce our gratitude for the privilege of having supportive community, and full-time work that now pays two of us living wages, so we rarely worry about the cost of our groceries anymore, or when we’ll eat.

Beginning on World Food Day, Sunday October 16th, our family of 3 has $54 to cover all of our meals for a week. We’ve already been researching recipes, and cheapest grocery items within walking distance of home and work, hoping to find the best place to buy all that is on our wish list.
This activity is our first cheat really, because those on welfare, disability or working poor may not likely be browsing 3 neighbourhoods around town to get what they need at the lowest price per item, or the ability to continue to eat lots of good food while preparing for one week of struggle.

Our family will be blogging throughout our final week of preparation, and the Welfare Food Week itself:

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