Photo of Cynnimon Rain

Cynnimon Rain

Masters of Public Health student with a focus on Social Inequities and Health at Simon Fraser University. I am part of a small group of 2nd year Masters of Public Health (MPH) students from Simon Fraser University’s Department of Health Sciences (Burnaby, BC) who recruited some additional friends from Vancouver to take the Welfare Food Challenge in solidarity with us.

Two of us took the challenge last year and found it extremely difficult while trying to manage our course workload. This year with only $18.00 available for food, we are concerned about our mental acuity, physical, and psychological health and well-being. As public health students, we learn how income and food insecurity negatively affects health and well-being. Over the week we will be sharing our experience with other Masters of Public Health Students (through two group Facebook pages) who are in the first and second year of the program as well as various Faculty and Staff.

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