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Vancouver. I’m taking the Welfare Food Challenge because I believe that food is essential to human health, functioning, and happiness, and I hope that the Challenge will make more people aware of hunger in BC and inspire them to demand change. Although I know the Challenge is just a safe exercise for people who have secure access to food, I’m nervous about the seven days of restricted eating that lie ahead. I anticipate feeling gross and tired, sleeping badly, feeling left out of social occasions, and struggling with my mood and concentration – not to mention getting horribly sick of oats.

A bit more about me: my job is managing education programs for West Coast LEAF, a non-profit organization that works to advance women’s equality through the law. When I’m not at work, you’re likely to find me scooting around town on my bike, doing interesting community-based dance projects, bopping around in fitness class, volunteering, writing poetry, or hanging out with friends in some way that revolves around food and drink. I won’t be able to exercise or socialize anywhere near as much while I’m on the Challenge, but I have an alternative activity planned: blogging, and lots of it!

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