Shane Powell

Surrey. I grew up in rural northwestern Ontario and only recently moved to the BC coast. It amazes me how there can be so much more good, healthy food on the store shelves and yet people are still blocked from accessing it because of social status.

My wife and I intentionally moved into a lower income part of the city because we want our lives to make a difference in our community. We try to be involved with our neighbours, welcoming new families and working with volunteer groups to help those less fortunate. As a result many of our friends are living the challenge, not just doing it for a week. We see this as an opportunity to put ourselves in their shoes and gain more understanding for their day to day trials.

I was blessed to learn wonderful cooking skills from my parents. Give me basic ingredients and I can craft a dozen different meals. As I prepared our shopping list for the week however it quickly became apparent that vegetables were going to be sparse and meat inaccessible on this budget. The challenge will truly be finding a way to eat balanced meals.


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