Laura Gair

Vancouver. I am the Community Food Programmer at South Vancouver Neighbourhood House (SVNH) and a member of the Vancouver Neighbourhood Food Networks (VNFN) working group. As an advocate for food security in South Van I work to help improve food access, literacy and quality for families and community members experiencing barriers to healthy food by connecting them with community programming. The community-based approach aims to increase cross-cultural knowledge sharing of how to use nutritious ingredients, improves neighbourhood connection, and increases access to food assets.

I’m happy to be able to take part in publicizing the challenges of food insecurity that people on social assistance face every day. I expect that this will not be an easy week, but look forward to spreading a dialogue about the significant health consequences that go along with the inability to obtain nutritious and acceptable meals. $18 per week is not enough to maintain a healthy life. Let’s help make a change.

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