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Paula Macfarlane

North Vancouver – By day I work as a business consultant at Vancity and by night I am a wife, mother of two, graduate student (Cooperative Management) and amateur sourdough bread maker. I’m lucky to be married to an avid gardener who grows our family healthy and delicious vegetables year-round.

I’m doing the challenge because access to nutritious food is important to my family’s and my well-being – physically, mentally and emotionally – and I want to raise awareness that accessing such food on $18 a week is extremely challenging, if not, impossible. Preparing nutritious, non-packaged foods is important to me and I am curious as to how I will do sourcing food during the challenge. Even though only a week, I hope that participating in the challenge and sharing my experiences about it will encourage others to speak up about how $18 a week just isn’t enough.

I will be blogging about it

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