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Kristin Bower

Maple Ridge – This is my first year participating in the Welfare Food Challenge. I am doing it because it is not OK to me that in Canada in 2016 we have people living in poverty. To have to make a choice between paying rent and buying food for yourself is not a choice that anyone should have to make. In BC approximately 9.9% of our population live in poverty. We are the only province in Canada without a poverty reduction strategy. We need to change that.

I am nervous about the challenge – $18 a week is not very much money. How will I make that stretch so that I won’t be hungry, so that my mood and my overall health won’t be negatively impacted? How will I feel when see my colleague buying a $4 specialty coffee?
But I am also committed to raising awareness. I can go back to my regular food budget after seven days. But for the people living in poverty every single day in this province have no choice – for them it’s not an experiment. Let’s create awareness and change together.

I will be posting on twitter, facebook, LinkedIn and on the vancity social networking site for employees.

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