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Chantal Denis

Vancouver – I am a professional and volunteer chef who has called Vancouver home for the last year. I am taking the Welfare Challenge to help raise awareness about the flaws in our system, a system that leaves millions of Canadians food insecure and trapped in the cycle of poverty. We are all entitled to dignity and I know that through the Challenge, it will become very obvious just how undignified life is for someone trying to live off of grossly inadequate welfare rates.

I am a chef who specializes in “affordable” cooking and there is no doubt in my mind that with a budget of only $18 for the week, I will not be properly nourished. I am privileged enough to only have to deal with this struggle for a week, but this is not the case for so many British Columbians.

I hope that the public attention garnered through the Challenge will help to drive the change needed to raise the rates – the necessary first step in tackling poverty and creating a more just society.

I will be posting mainly on my Instagram – @chantaldenis which also posts to my Facebook.

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