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Port Coquitlam. I participated in 2015 and wrongly assumed the BC Government would address this matter so this Challenge would not become an annual event. A year later I am participating for a second time, but things have changed – the increasing cost of living now means a budget for food of $18, down $3.

I made every effort to plan a healthy menu for the week in 2015 and was shocked to discover that $21 didn’t stretch very far. I shopped locally; stores within walking distance of my home; keeping in mind that a mom with small children, a senior or disabled person may not even be capable of walking that distance.

I was horrified to find that some items on my shopping list were not on sale or too high priced or that the sheer size of an item such as a zucchini would put me over my budget and therefore had to be eliminated. I realized that access to a fridge and stove was a luxury.

I recorded blood pressure, blood sugar, caloric intake and body weight daily. I could not believe how quickly my body and especially my mind deteriorated over the course of the week. Every aspect of my life was impacted; sleep, weight, physical ability; my mind became foggy making it difficult to do my job efficiently and effectively. I successfully completed the challenge with a small bowl of watery soup remaining; which remains in my freezer to this day as a reminder.

I AM ready for the 2016 Challenge and I pray there will not be a need for a 2017 Challenge.

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