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Rita Alvarez

I am a UBC student of Social Work from Richmond, BC. Initially, I took on the challenge to test my resourcefulness, determination and stamina. I have completed the 30 Hour Famine in the past but that was easier because it was only a little over one day whereas this challenge lasts an entire week. Both challenges were tough because I am a foodie who loves to eat. To give you an idea, right when I wake up, I am happy because the new day has begun and I get to eat. On top of that, I am usually spoiled with very delicious foods from a variety of cuisines, especially Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese. My family buys food from eateries around once a week or a few times a week around holidays.

It is for this reason, that I felt nervous yet curious about attempting this challenge. I enjoy a relatively busy, yet balanced lifestyle which includes eating healthy and exercising. Among many things, doing the challenge showed me that $21/week cannot afford a balanced and well-nourished diet. As a result, energy levels and mood become low. I had barely enough energy to keep up with my full time school schedule let alone exercise.

After I started the challenge, my selfish reasons of wanting to test mind over matter gave way to a deeper need to empathize with welfare recipients and other disadvantaged individuals in order to serve them better.

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