Scynthia Ross

It would be an honour to participate in this challenge 🙂 thank you for the opportunity.

I am currently on the Ontario Disability Support Program ($1,100 total). My partner receives an Ontario Works cheque ($682). Our household income is $1,782. The rent we pay is $1,150 over half our combined income. After that we have to pay $45 for hydro, then we both each have to pay for our medication around $10 a day, for Rogers cable and Internet, $160 for my cell phone, $59 for my partner’s cell … and whatever is left we buy food with.

Yesterday we ate in total 2 chicken breasts (a 4 pack was $8) some Brussels sprouts (a bag of frozen costs $3 for 500g) and a box of knockoff Kraft Dinner (at 99 cents). Our daily meal cost $6 for 2 of us. We only eat supper each day because we don’t have enough for more unless we have Mr noodles then we have that for lunch.

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