Barb Ryeburn, Day 5

Day 5 and feeling socially isolated

I have started realizing how much food is part of my social life. My brother is in town and wanted to get together for a coffee. I don’t have any money left in my budget for food, so had to tell him I couldn’t make it. Tonight, I had arranged to meet with friends for a supper and a musical evening. I had already told them I’d have to join them after supper because of the food challenge. I’ve ended up cancelling the evening because, like on almost every evening of this challenge, I have just about enough energy to get into my pajamas and curl up in bed. I’d invited my sister out for a birthday lunch tomorrow, but we’ve had to change our plans. Now she’s coming over and bringing her own lunch while I eat my cabbage salad. Monday, a good friend is having his citizenship ceremony, but we can’t celebrate with him Monday night. Instead, we’re waiting until Tuesday, when the challenge will be over, to have a celebratory supper so that Kim and I can eat some of the wonderful Eritrean food that he’s preparing. We can’t even invite him to eat with us on Monday night because we won’t have enough food left to share with him.

The effect of having only $21 to spend on food has impacted on every one of my social interactions this week. I imagine that over time, having such a limited budget would make me feel completed socially isolated.

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