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Kristy Yee

I am a 4th year Dietetics student studying at UBC and I currently live in East Vancouver.

I decided to take on this challenge because I feel it is important for me as an upcoming Registered Dietitian to better recognize the food security challenges in this city. This challenge will help me better understand how I can best nutritionally support those with limited resources. Only by immersing oneself into the problems can we find more useful solutions.

I hope to share what I will learn in this experience with my friends and family, not only to spread awareness but increase the dialog for change.

Some of my concerns for this challenge are:

  • Having low energy, lack of focus, and decrease in productivity
  • The amount of time and effort it will take to shop, plan, prepare, and cook meals
  • The lack of enjoyment during meal times due to limited use of oils, spices, and condiments
  • Being hangry

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