Lily Wong, Day 3

November 5, 2015 • Breakfast: A piece of toast and a banana

Lunch: Noodles stir-fry, an apple, guacamole, nachos and a boiled egg

Dinner: Noodles stir-fry

I no longer eat for enjoyment; I eat for sustenance. One of my classes instructed us to form groups to make guacamole and nachos and it was honestly the best meal that I have had in days because I have been eating apples and bland noodles every day. I also really miss eating flavourful food with lots of sauce. The guacamole and nachos didn’t keep me full for long so I have been distracting myself from hunger by focusing on schoolwork but I had a huge headache and I was physically drained. I feel like my mindset has already changed a bit because I have gotten in the habit of eating because my stomach hurts and I am starved prior to my meals. Before this challenge, I didn’t always eat only when I was hungry but sometimes, I eat because I am bored or craving a snack. In the past few days, I have really grown to be grateful for my food and I experience a sense of relief when I can eat my next meal.

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