Monika Smith and her Mom, Day 2

I ate leftover biscuits from yesterday&rquo;s breakfast and just drank water due to a queasy feeling in my stomach, that feeling by lunchtime was in my throat so I could not eat lunch because it hurt to swallow, and I could not eat dinner for the same reason, I did manage to eat half a banana as a snack. My total caloric intake was 404, and I lost 520 calories due to work, for a grand total of -116 calories, which is very, very bad, and I did go to bed hungry.

I have a genetic blood disorder in which I am missing the main antibody that prevents me from getting sick. 4 times a year, it causes severe congestion that drains down my throat leaving it raw and extremely painful and upsets my stomach. I do lose my voice during this time, but it only lasts for 3 days. This illness is not due to how much I do or don’t eat.

Monika’s Mom
Ate leftover biscuits from yesterday’s breakfast with a glass of milk, soup for lunch with water, half a banana as a snack, and skipped supper because Monika did. Total caloric intake of 720, losing 114 calories due to work, for a grand total of 606 calories, which is very low and I was really hungry when I went to bed.

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