Photo of Tanis Clement

Tanis Clement

I am an Assistant Branch Manager at Vancity Savings Credit Union in Victoria, BC

I was born and raised in a small town in Northern BC where my family experienced many of our small town’s industry booms and busts. Unfortunately the busts left our family with not much to rely on. The economy wasn’t always stable. It left us in some pretty tough times. Spending my $21 for this week brought back a lot of memories: Lots of meal planning, strategic spending – putting items back after we got to the grocery store check out because we simply could not afford it. It reminded me of my humbling childhood and of what many members of my community still face each and every day.

I am taking the challenge to raise awareness, help drive the change needed to raise the rates and help shine a light on the astonishing levels of food insecurity within our province.

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