Lily Wong, Day 1

November 3, 2015 • Breakfast: A banana, one piece of toast and a cup of tea.

Lunch: Small portions of noodle stir fry with no sauce, a banana, a cookie, half an egg sandwich

Dinner: Three apples, an egg and noodle stir-fry

The night before the challenge, I bought most of my groceries and I had $4 left. I decided to make a large stir-fry of noodles, lettuce, and meat that I am hoping to last me for three or four days. I planned on dividing it into 6-7 portions and pair it up with 2 apples for lunch and dinner. First day wasn’t too bad; I noticed immediately that my stomach was not satisfied with the portion for breakfast. I made the mistake of eating some free food offered at a meeting in the evening because I didn’t think that it was considered charity until I clarified with a staff member from the welfare food challenge. At first, I made all these plans to take sugar packets and cream from a coffee shop and then grab free food from services on campus in order to sustain myself but I realized that the whole point is to learn that welfare recipients shouldn’t have to go to such lengths to have food if their financial aid was sufficient for them to meet their needs. If I want my learning experience to be worthwhile then I shouldn’t be able to use these free food services either.

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