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Audrey Anne Guay

I recently moved to the Downtown Eastside/Strathcona area of Vancouver, where I am involved with a small community church and spend most of my time learning about urban poverty, social justice, and community organizing.

I am taking the Challenge out of solidarity with my neighbours, many of whom are low-income and live on welfare rates. I am increasingly awed at my new friends’ resourcefulness and resilience in this food system that does not work. My hope is to better understand the limits that are daily imposed on them as they attempt to feed themselves and, often, their families.

I am anticipating getting better acquainted with my grumbler of a stomach. I am not, however, looking forward to being an unpleasant human being, denying my cravings (I’m saving $1 for an emergency steamed bun from Chinatown), and functioning at reduced mental capacity.

I will be posting daily reflections on my blog,

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