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Elizabeth Yu

I grew up and still currently live in East Vancouver. I am a 3rd year Dietetics student studying at the University of British Columbia. I am participating in the Welfare Food Challenge this year after learning about the challenges that welfare users face with only a mere $610 per month to meet their basic needs and the lack of poverty reduction strategies and food security initiatives in B.C.

Many of us are very lucky to be able to choose what we eat each day and be nourished by healthy, whole foods. However, we live so close to a huge population that doesn’t get this luxury and I’m hungry for change. I hope that we can create the awareness that is needed to allow all residents in B.C to choose the food that they want to eat and live healthy, active and fulfilling lives.
Living off $21 a week for food will be extremely difficult for me, but I want to play my part as a Food Citizen and encourage the government to raise the welfare rates.

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