Food that Bif Naked bought for the 2015 Welfare Food Challenge.

Bif Naked, Prep for the Challenge

I was ecstatic about my haul of food for a week! I had to be. Part of my responsibility as a participant in the 2015 #welfarefoodchallenge was to eat only what I could purchase for $21.00, the amount that is estimated for most people on welfare have to eat with, weekly.

As a #vegan I need to try and stay true to how I want to eat. I have tried to be pragmatic in my choices, and I will divide these equally for seven days, as I did last year: seven bananas, a bag of spinach, two cans of chick peas, four zucchinis, 3 eggplant/aubergines, and my Honest Feelings of Gratitude for these. I was participating with love and good intentions, last year. Now, I am participating with every part of my heart, and my Entire Truth.

I was ON welfare, as a young person, when my first band moved to Vancouver. I struggled and eventually I got a job as a dishwasher. My band went on tour, and I had to leave that job, but for a long time it was very hard. Harder on welfare, IF a person qualifies. It is difficult to transcend the myths surrounding poverty, and I hope we can create conversations that are thoughtful and compassionate. I hope that we can speak up, and stand up for others, without blaming them for being poor. I hope we can promote human understanding, and I feel like we need to inspire and motivate change, and perhaps it might start with a dialogue or reading about Raise The Rates. You can find out more about the Welfare Food Challenge at I post this with sincerity and positivity, respectfully aiming to honour the Truths of my fellow humans who may currently be experiencing food poverty, economic poverty, or despair of any kind.

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