Food bought by Angela Lam for the 2015 Welfare Food Challenge

Angela Lam, Prep for the Challenge

Shopping for the challenge

I went to Superstore and was able to buy all of this for just under $16. I usually do not eat this much packaged food but I do not have a choice and for me, I usually lean protein and lots of green vegetables so I will need to eat tofu with soy sauce (miso soup style) and the processed meat I bought – wieners and bologna and ration my 1 head of lettuce. I thought I could buy some instant coffee but it was $6 a jar so I am going to have to refrain from my morning java which is not going to be easy. When I paid for my groceries, the store was advertising toothpaste as their deal of the day and I actually needed some more toothpaste so I bought it with money outside of the $21 allocation for food but it made me instantly realize how hygiene can quickly and easily become sacrificed when it comes to deciding what to spend money on….. food or toothpaste?

I made a bag of orzo with the can of diced tomatoes and soy sauce for seasoning. It tasted ok but is still bland and I froze half of it for later on the week. Next, I made half the bag of pasta shells with diced wieners and chopped leaf lettuce and soy sauce to flavor. Third dish is noodles with sliced bologna and lettuce and again, soy sauce to flavor. All 3 of these dishes will be my lunches and dinners for the next few days.

Next, I went to 99 Grocery on Kingsway in the Collingwood area and I checked out the $1.00 bin. People who live in the neighbourhood know about this grocery store’s infamous $1.00 bin and they had big bags of wilted green beans, soft tomatoes and zucchini, slightly wrinkled bell peppers, bruised apples and mangoes. I was able to buy a bag of 9 slightly bruised golden delicious apples for $1.00 and this will be perfect for afternoon snacks. Because I had a few bucks left in my budget, I decided to go back to Superstore and buy a 2L bottle of no-name cola and a package of onion salt and with the apples I bought, I have now I have spent $19.35. The onion salt will be that little bit of flavouring that is needed in the pasta dishes to make it palatable for the rest of the week

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