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Laurel Burton

I live in East Vancouver. I am in my 4th year of the Dietetics Program at UBC. I am taking the Welfare Food Challenge in order to raise awareness about the cost of food in Vancouver, especially for those who are Welfare recipients.

As a nutrition student, I am attuned to the health issues that people face when they do not have enough healthy, nutrient dense food to eat. Surviving on $21 per week can be very difficult for people to meet daily requirements for calories, macronutrients and micronutrients, which can lead to long lasting health issues.

My concern with taking the Welfare Food Challenge is that I will feel low energy for school, since I normally eat quite frequently during the day. This is not possible for those receiving only $21 per week for food. It will be a challenging week, but my hope is to get the message out that Welfare rates need to increase.

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