Photo of Ilene’s Food for the 2015 Welfare Food Challenge

Ilene Toth, Prep for the Challenge

Well it has been a very interesting day. My daughter Tiffene has decided to join the challenge with me. We had a whole $42.00 to spend for our food this week.

Seriously I cannot believe how little this amount buys. I have attached a picture of “Team Toth” (Tiffene and I) as well as a picture of the food we bought for the week. We paid $36.79, leaving just over $5.00 for bread and/or fruit for later in the week.

The Food Challenge begins on Tuesday November 3, 2015, I will do the blog diary each day to let you know how we are doing as well as our recipes of our meals.

Here is the list of what we bought:

2015 Welfare Food Challenge Groceries for Ilene and Tiffene Price
Bread 2.27
Salami 1.99
Bologna 1.99
Mustard 0.99
Bananas 1.66
Oranges 1.96
Onions 0.97
Ground Beef 8.14
Milk 3.37
Spaghetti 1.99
Tea Bags 2.17
Brown Sugar 1.25
Salt&Papper 1.25
Potatoes 0.59
Carrots 0.61
Diced Tomatoes 0.67
Diced Tomatoes 0.67
Oatmeal 1.79
Oatmeal 1.79
5 Bean Salad can 0.67
**GRAND TOTAL*** 36.79
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