Photo of Ashley Bodkin and Vaughan

Ashley Bodkin and Vaughn

I recently moved, with my boyfriend Vaughan, from Burnaby to East Vancouver and are adjusting to our new community. I work as an Account Manager at Vancity Credit Union in south Burnaby.

I’m taking the challenge to start a conversation with my friends and family about how the money received while on welfare maybe enough to live but it is not enough to live a healthy lifestyle. Luckily my boyfriend has been extremely supportive and has agreed to do the challenge with me. He works away from home with shift that are two weeks away and two weeks home. Unfortunately for him he returns home on the 3rd, normally he would return to many of his favorite meals and baked goods…this return will be quite different for both of us.

My main concern is the lack of fresh fruits and vegetables and how we will feel as a result.

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