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Wendy Au Yeung

I recently moved to Vancouver. I live and work in the Downtown Eastside/ Strathcona, where I am involved in community organizing and at a local church.

I’m very passionate about food justice, and food in general, and I am heartbroken at how current government policies don’t allow people to have a healthy diet, and not allowing welfare recipients to thrive in other arenas of life either. I’m doing the Welfare Food challenge to get a personal snapshot what it’s really like to live on welfare in my neighbourhood in order to inform my future efforts in advocacy and community organizing.

I know that I get hangry (hungry then angry) very easily, and then I turn into a very emotional person when my stomach is not satisfied. I’m worried that I’ll be an unpleasant person to live and work with during the challenge! I also expect that I’ll have to confront my own issues of entitlement around food quality and quantity and that might not be a pretty sight.

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