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Tracey Kliesch and Family

I work in the Community Investment division at Vancity as a Portfolio Manager and I’m also a part-time instructor at BCIT. I teach a course on Co-operatives and Community Economic Development.

In my role at Vancity I have relationships with many different community organizations and I have been fortunate to get to know some incredible groups who are making a difference in the lives of the people they serve. My work has also helped me to understand the disparities that many face and the obstacles and barriers that make positive change difficult.

I believe we are all entitled to dignity – regardless of our situation. Having said that clearly our system is broken and needs to be fixed to allow people to have their basic needs met without punishment.

I live in Squamish and I will be doing the challenge with some of my family. My son Aiden (12 years), my daughter Cadence (9 years) and my mom will be joining me.

I’m hoping I can raise awareness about the flaws in our system how they perpetuate so many other social issues (healthcare, living in poverty, human rights, minimum wage, etc.). I’m also hoping that this experience will be a powerful one for my kids and through it they will learn how privileged they are and how we need to treat everyone with compassion.

My twitter handle is @mrskliesch

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