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Sharon Feener

I run the local food bank in Fort St John. Every day I see people come to us for help when they just can’t stretch what they have to make it through the month. SRO’s here go for $650 a month, so what do people do after that? We’re seeing people who, when they are able to save some money, are struggling with the high prices we see in our grocery stores.

I’m taking the challenge for a couple of reasons. 1) Its a good way to draw attention to an urgent issue. 2) As a service provider, I want to know what I’m missing, how I can help better, more efficiently.

I’m worried about food. Will I find enough? Will I be able to find the foods that are going to help me get through my day? This is the busiest season of the year at my job, and how do I get through it if I’m hungry, or stuck eating the processed garbage that I’m worried I’ll be eating. I haven’t even started the challenge yet and food is all that’s on my mind.

Winter is here in the North. We’re getting ready for snow, watching the temps drop lower and lower every day. With rent alone at $650, how are people going to make it through the winter?

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