Photo of Jeff & Elizabeth Nider plus kids

Jeff & Elizabeth Nider plus kids

My name is Elizabeth. My husband, Jeff and I, along with our 4 kids, ages 8, 5, 4 and 1 year are curiously (and slightly nervously) awaiting the start of the Raise the Rates Challenge.

We would call ourselves a very “healthy” family, both in terms of diet, and it terms of our love of the outdoors, hiking, biking and walking through Pacific Spirit Park. We live in greater Vancouver and often take advantage of our proximity to nature. I am nervous about this challenge because I worry that I will not be able to buy as much fresh produce as we usually do. We eat a ton of vegetables every week, and lots of fruit, too. The kids are less worried, but we’ll see what happens when we actually start the challenge. Jeff and I like to snack on nuts, or share a cold, local beer a few times a week, and I’m thinking that we’ll be giving that up for the week (uh, hello? Pistachios cost about $20 for a big bag! No way I’m spending just under all of my weekly food money on a bag of nuts!).

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