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Dr. Macarena Cataldo

I was born in Valparaíso, Chile, and studied chemical engineer. I got my PhD in Italy and I am currently undertaking postdoctoral studies in water treatment at UBC.

I accepted the Welfare Food Challenge because I strongly believe that people who are living in poverty should have enough financial support from the government so as to be able to have a decent humane life. This includes being able to pay for a place to live and other necessary expenses, but most importantly to have enough money to eat.

The amount of money the government is currently giving to people in welfare is not enough to cover basic needs. Considering an average rent of CA $450 for a SRO, transit, and other miscellaneous expenses, people are left with only $84 to eat each month.
This is terrible. There is no way people can afford a nutritious meal every day with less than $3! Having enough food to eat every day should be a human right.

I am here to show my support to these people, to highlight how unfair is this system towards poor people, that is why I have volunteered to live one week with only $21 to spend on food.

Money for healthcare, education, housing, childcare not for war!

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