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Carol Lewis

Victoria, BC – I was born in Saskatchewan 60 years ago, and have lived some part of my life in almost every province of this great country. I have traveled as an adult, in a time when I could actually afford such a luxury, to many other countries, making me love and appreciate other cultures and to incorporate customs from them into my daily life.

As a child, I was a welfare child, my mother divorced from my father when I was very young. Her inability to cope with living under the poverty line exhibited itself in alcoholism and other addictions. Before I married, as an emancipated youth, I often went days without a solid meal, and knew intimately what being poor in this country meant. During my marriage of 26 years I grew accustomed to a lifestyle of relative plenty, and never suffered a day without meat, fresh fruit & vegetables and dairy products on my table. My divorce in 2002 returned me to a life below the poverty line, but my experiences throughout my life and the knowledge I have amassed, as well as the resourcefulness which has served me well since the age of 15, allows me to eat well. My meals are tasty and healthful. I hope to share, through the challenge, my ideas and recipes for eating well on $21 a week or less.

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