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Annie Ohana

I live in Surrey, BC, I am a secondary school teacher, a social justice advocate/educator, a master’s student and a human being.

Why I am taking the Challenge:
I wish I didn’t have to. The reality that we have thousands of people in our province that are dealing with poverty, and no one listens. Shame on all of us. This isn’t just about how much welfare rates are and how much food costs; this is about our rights as human beings being denied by our government but also the lack of understanding within society. Instead of falling prey to the divisive class warfare our government tries to feed us, we need to come together. That is why I am taking the Challenge.

Any worries I have about doing the challenge:
I want to be the healthiest, happiest, most professional, helpful person I can be. Will I be able to do so during this week? And, as a social justice educator I will be keeping track of the privileges I am denied, and also the economic ramifications of being limited to $3 a day.

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