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Monika Smith

I currently live in Artesia, NM, United States. I work for a contractor for the Department of Homeland Security at a training facility, running the post office for part of the day, and taking service calls for the rest of the day.

I am taking this challenge, even though I’m not in BC, because I feel that Americans take everything for granted, it is so easy to attain things here, but I realize it is not like that everywhere. I grew up poor in a family of six and beat every obstacle in my way to get where I am. I don’t have to think about the little amount we had every night or the fact that we ate the same thing every day because it was cheapest. If I can help bring awareness to this problem then I will. I do not really have any worries about doing this challenge, I believe we can do it, my mother will be participating as well. I will be posting updates on Facebook:

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