Continuing the Call to Raise the Rates

The 2014 Welfare Food Challenge was a huge success in raising awareness about the appallingly low income assistance rates in BC that trap people in the vicious cycle and misery of poverty. Over 180,000 people struggle to feed themselves on $21 a week. The Challenge for this year is over but the struggle continues for those on welfare and for all of us calling on the BC government to RAISE THE RATES.

Please help us to pressure the government to do the right thing and make changes now. Please sign our petition, write letters, and read the media coverage that this issue continues to receive. We would all benefit if welfare rates in this province were much higher and our government was truly working to reduce poverty.

Opinion: Poverty is a problem we can do something about
By Bif Naked, Special to The Vancouver Sun, October 31, 2014

Learning to live on three dollars a day
By Trevor Crawley – Cranbrook Daily Townsman, October 31, 2014

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