Kate Kysow, Day 7


Wow, this challenge has gone by so fast it’s crazy!  Last meal you ask?  Oatmeal of course 🙂

Today, was one of the more stressful ones with work & school & hunger all getting mixed up in a slightly too stressful combination, but at least the day is done!  Tomorrow, I get to buy coffee and meet other people on the challenge, which is super exciting.

Things that I’ve learnt or experienced on the challenge:

  • losing weight
  • feeling anxious trying to budget in a supermarket & not being sure if I have enough money
  • feeling left out from social situations because I can’t afford food
  • being on welfare is a ton of work due to the time it takes to budget & prepare meals
  • people are really interested & shocked at the truth of BC’s welfare rates
  • I should be more mindful of my food purchases going forward & start to budget
  • oatmeal is the best thing in the world
  • I hate beans
  • coffee is a luxury, as are spices and nutritious foods
  • having a kitchen makes a huge impact on the food we prepare
  • my family & friends are loving and supportive (I already knew that, but just reinforced the point 🙂 )
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