Suzanne Johnson, Day 6

Well today was one of my worst days yet as far energy level and mental capacity goes. It was probably my least productive days for work as I just didn’t want to even think about thinking. Seriously I feel really dumb and wonder how well I will articulate anything.

With this in mind, let’s consider that employable people living on income/social assistance should be trying to get a job, this is roughly 40% of recipients. I am not to sure that I could have convinced anyone to hire me today. Just so slow in my thought processing and a limited control on my level of irritation with others.

The long term implications of poverty cost us much more than raising the rates to a Market Basket Level or increasing the minimum wage to a livable rate ever would. UBC psychology professor, Alanaise Goodwill studies cycle of poverty, violence and gang life in Aboriginal communities and she has found that many aboriginal youth viewed gang membership as way out of poverty (Li, Catherine, Ubyssey, October 19, 2014). For the average Aboriginal youth, access to employment is a privilege given that necessities such as food and shelter is limited. In fact it is reported that 50% of status First Nations children live below the poverty line. This number grows even higher provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. This report also confirms that children receiving services from a provincial responsibility fair better than their counter-parts under federal responsibility (i.e on reserves).

So I guess, we can raise the rates or have more organized crime.

Now, I would guess that some people would say, if you raise welfare rates you are only going to give people with addictions more to feed their addiction. This is probably true. Its also true that some people abuse the income assistance system in a significant way. Should these marks be a reason not to provide the best possible future for all of our children. Should we not allow all children the opportunity to reach their full potential in whatever they wish to do and not have to see organized crime as a way out of their current misery? It is not acceptable that any child lives in poverty let alone half of a population. Perhaps there are some solutions that provide for the need while limiting the impact of the abuses.

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