Tess Healy, Day 5

Too tired and getting depressed, very weepy so I don’t have a diary for day 4.

I have had a couple of occasions (one yesterday and one today) where food has been supplied at a meeting, and at these meetings I have overeaten, eaten things I don’t even like and taken food away with me. My embarrassment that people would think me greedy did not last long. I was too hungry to care. I even went into the kitchen and begged for a coffee before the meeting started and before the coffee and refreshments were out. NO shame. A completely single minded drive. I have always argued for supplying food and refreshments at community meetings or research meetings where we are working with marginalized people. But I didn’t know until yesterday what that means in a real visceral way. One of the meetings I would not have gone to but the knowledge there was food made me make it a priority. I know that eating would help me feel better about myself would help me think. I knew they always had good food at their meetings.

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