Samantha Truong, Day 4


I did some cooking in the kitchen. Lunches consist of raw carrots, broccoli, celery, a few chunks of baked potato, and a boiled egg. My dinner is pasta with canned tomato sauce and canned chickpeas. I decided to boil some of my veggies to spice things up. I saved the broth that remained when boiling my veggies, because I plan to re-heat this and cook my instant noodles in it for some more nutrients – because instant noodles just isn’t enough.

IMAG0680 IMAG0677 IMAG0678

Spreading the awareness

Today I was interviewed by the 24 hour newspaper, and they will be covering this project in their Tuesday October 21st addition. So please stay tuned and collect a hard copy.

Here is a photo from my first interview with the CiTR. I will be doing another interview with the CiTR 101.9FM on Thursday October 23rd at 4:00pm to discuss the end of my challenge and reflections and a poverty reduction plan.


Fact of the day

Total Poverty in BC
Low welfare rates are part of the picture of poverty in BC, which is the worst in Canada. In BC 735,000 people, 16.5% of the population are in poverty. BC’s child poverty level 18.6%, 153,000 children. People live in poverty because of inadequate welfare rates, low wages and poverty pensions.
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