Michelle Huang, Day 4

October 19, 2014

Welfare Rate of $610 & Public Safety

Welfare rate of $610 is not only a sentence to life in poverty, but also increase health risks for the recipients and public safety. Government is trying to win your vote by promising to cut social spending. What you do not realize is that you and your wealth family could be indirectly impacted by this budget cut!!!

It’s true that you rich corporations and wealthy families may never be touched by poverty, disabilities or mental illnesses. What you don’t realize is that there will be times when you will be indirectly impacted by the life of welfare recipients!

For example when I (income assistant recipient) got arrested under the Mental Health Act on University of British Columbia (UBC) Vancouver Campus, often it involved 2-3 police officers from UBC RCMP, at least one fire truck (4 fire fighters) and 1 ambulance (2 Paramedics).

On quiet nights, there were only 2-3 police officers on duty at UBC RCMP. You might be a million dollar rich, but just hope that during the 1 hour when the police is dealing with me, that your wife/daughter does not get sexually assaulted as there will be a delay in police response time! There were times when a police officer had to escort me to Vancouver General Hospital (VGH) and it could take up to 4-5 hours before the officer was available to respond to next call! Just hope that you don’t need police service during this time!

There is ONLY ONE Vancouver Fire Department fire hall on UBC campus. So when the fire truck was dealing with my medical emergency, they could NOT respond to other medical emergency or fire alarm calls! You might be driving your fancy Lamborghini, Ferrari, etc… Just hope you don’t get into an accident at the same time because you might be stuck in the burning car for a few seconds longer!!!

Same thing, there’s only one BC Ambulance Service (BCAS) station on UBC campus! Often, the ambulance is outside of UBC jurisdiction in City of Vancouver. So while the ambulance is busy with me (could take hours!!!), you just hope that your grandparents don’t have a fall, heart attack, stoke, etc… You could be Canucks owner, diplomats/ambassadors from other countries, former Premier of BC, etc (they all lived on UBC Campus)… Even if you could afford private health care, the fact remains that during the most critical moments, YOU NEED AN AMBULANCE!!! Paramedics can’t just “drop off” patients at the Emergency Room (ER), they have to wait until the patient is signed over to a doctor (could take 2-3 hours!).

If you think government social policies, poverty, welfare, social assistant, income security programs and etc do NOT effect you, please think twice…

If you want to ensure that you get immediate police, fire, & ambulance service when you call 9-1-1, please consider sign the petition to Raise the Rates. Thank-You 🙂



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