Lou Black, Day 4

The day I surrendered…

In the morning I barely got breakfast down, in fact, I couldn’t eat all of it despite being hungry. I was so sick of eating the same food – it had became repulsive to me. I biked soon after, and noticed my body definitely didn’t feel as strong as usual. I made it through my ride, ate snacks along the way, and ate as much as I could when I got home, but by late afternoon I was feeling really weak. I decided to give up the challenge.
I have a whole new appreciation for the importance of a varied diet, not only so that you get a combination of good nutrients, but also so that you can get enough to eat (hard to do when the meals are highly repetitive). It’s absurd to expect that someone on welfare will be able to get the nutrients their body needs, and enjoy half way appetizing meals on $21/week. Most people I spoke to about the challenge said they probably spend $21/DAY on food, let alone for a week.

I think the Challenge offers just a tiny glimpse into life on welfare, a really small inconvenience for a week relative to someone who is truly dependent on the mere $610 a single person receives to try to pay for all of their expenses including food.

I’d like our premier to attempt the Welfare Food Challenge. Ideally close to budget time so the experience remains fresh in her head while she summons the tried and ‘not at all true’ rationales to justify putting the citizens of BC’s money in the hands of the rich while continuing to punish the poor.
No one with compassion and a conscience would refuse to increase the amount of money people in BC receive on welfare. You’re long overdue to raise the rates Christy Clark!

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