Kate Kysow, Day 4

Making banana pancakes

Today, I got creative with the food I have left. In the morning, I made banana pancakes with 2 eggs & 1 banana and topped them with brown sugar and then for dinner, I made fried rice and baked some potatoes in the oven. It was pretty tasty, apart from lacking in sauces/spices.

I’m realizing the only reason I’m able to succeed at this challenge is become I have a kitchen! If it weren’t for the microwave/stove/oven/fridge, I’m really not sure what I’d eat, but it definitely wouldn’t be healthy. I know people living in SROs don’t often have access to a functional kitchen and I think that must severely limit what they can eat.

This weekend I didn’t really crave coffee either, but that might be because I got to sleep in both days. 🙂

Good luck to everyone for the final 3 days!!

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