Sieun Lee, Day 2

Friday, October 17, 2014

Breakfast: 2 tbsp of strawberry Greek yogurt with 10 pcs Shreddies, 10 frozen blueberries, and 10 roasted black beans. I buy a ton of blueberries in summer and freeze them in Ziploc bags. Mom sends me roasted black beans from Korea. I made coffee like yesterday.

Mid-morning snack was a quarter of a small cantaloupe and 10 more of the roasted black beans.

Lunch was a cup of steamed rice and a cup of pineapple pork, a leftover from few days ago.
I had chopped up a piece of pork chop, and cooked it with half of an onion, broccoli, pineapple pieces and a tomato. I am not quite sure how to calculate the cost of this, but don’t think it would be very much since what was left was mostly sauce with some veggies and 4-5 small pieces of pork. After the meal, I made another coffee with a Maxim Mocha Gold coffee mix stick.

Then I got a text that my supervisor was buying everyone sushi lunch.

So I went and announced about my challenge in front of a feast of various rolls, nigiri, sashimi, and appetizers from our favorite Japanese restaurant. Most seemed to find it mildly amusing, but some were interested in knowing more and discussing about the issue of income assistance and poverty.

The lunch was followed by a meeting with my supervisors. During the meeting, I became extremely hungry. I had learned that hunger puts me into mood swings, and I was about to burst into tears after a great meeting with very happy and satisfied supervisors. I controlled myself and ran back to the lab to eat a mandarin orange and 3/4 of a Fuji apple.

Dinner was 1/2 cup of steamed rice and 1/5 of tofu, cut and lightly fried and with a sweet and spicy sauce.

Food count
2 tbsp strawberry Greek yogurt = $3 * 60/500 = $.36
10 pcs wheat cereal = $3 * 10/65 * 1/10 = $.05
10 blueberries
coffee = $.40
1/4 cantaloupe = $.50
10 roasted black beans

1 cup cooked rice = $0.075
1 cup pineapple pork

1 stick coffee = $.12
1 mandarin orange
3/4 Fuji apple

1/2 cup cooked rice = $0.0375
1/5 sweet and spicy tofu = $2 * 1/5 = $.40


Not counted: 10 frozen blueberries, 10 roasted black beans, 1 cup pineapple pork, 1 mandarin orange, 3/4 Fuji apple

* I should find out how much the orange and apple cost. Also possibly that pork chop from Costco.

* Note the food costs are approximate and often do not include taxes.

* Coffee is expensive. I am spending 1/6 of the daily food budget on making a cup of coffee.

* Cantaloupe is expensive.

* I am now determining the expensiveness of a food item by its capacity to reduce hunger. This makes me realize now the food for me is primarily for i) fighting hunger and ii) providing energy. My usual thoughts about what I want to eat or trying something new and better are completely out of question. This would deprive me of not only personal sense of enjoyment of food, but a large part of my social experience and connection with others consisting of eating together and talking about what we eat, cook, buy, etc.

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